Civil service is the backbone of the Indian government machinery and constitutes all the departments which run the State administration. A highly competitive and challenging area, it involves a variety of jobs in different departments. Compared to private sector jobs this profession has job security. The prestige and power that comes along with these top-notch jobs is a definite reason for anybody to join this profession. The salary, allowances and facilities like healthcare, housing, conveyance etc. also make it a lucrative profession.

An employment in the civil services is much more than an average white-collar job. In fact, the Civil Services offer a unique career opportunity combined with constructive challenges and high growth prospects. By getting into the civil services, you will not only be associated with the decision-makers and implementers of policies & programmes but you will also be a crucial contributor as policy maker to the development of the nation as a whole. In fact, it is an opportunity to serve the country. Moreover, the varied nature of assignments attached with the services gives an opportunity for the maximum utilization of one's potential. 

The institute is professionally managed by a team of educationists , management consultants and professionals . This team is headed by Mr. P.N Bhandari who is known educationist . The institute is proud of its faculty members , who leave no stone unturned for the upliftment of the institutional standards . The staff members are highly capable of the job of career making of the students on roll . Their methodology and experience of teaching and its outcome is highly appreciated by the students and their parents.

Cracking civil services exam is an art and latter is defined as skillful application of knowledge. We strongly believe that skill of even a mediocre can be developed to the highest degree




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Classes also available in Sector-20, Panchkula



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